Hey, I’m Isla Sibanda.

I’m Isla, an ethical hacker and cybersecurity specialist based out of Pretoria.

For over twelve years, I’ve worked as a cybersecurity analyst and penetration testing specialist for several reputable companies - including Standard Bank Group, CipherWave, and Axxess.

  • Hey, I’m Isla Sibanda.
  • Hey, I’m Isla Sibanda.
  • Hey, I’m Isla Sibanda.
  • Hey, I’m Isla Sibanda.

Why Should You Work With Me?

I’m Familiar with Different Kinds of Technical Documentation and Writing Styles

I know full well how each piece of technical documentation is meant for a different audience and for a different purpose. In my career I’ve had the privilege of writing and presenting detailed reports for executives and senior leadership to help with internal planning and strategy. My writing encompassed detailed security policies, penetration testing results, and audit journals. I ensured that my writing met company objectives and would be easy to comprehend by readers who may have lacked expertise in the subject matter.

I Understand How To Synthesize Complex Subjects Into Easily Digestible Content

I’ve learned how to formulate complex and highly technical concepts into easily digestible content. I’m fully aware that failing to properly communicate complex subjects not only creates confusion for end users, it also causes an organization’s reputation to be called into question. I only write about what I possess express knowledge over and expertise from my career.

I’m Productive and Efficient

Where other technical writers may labor over word choice, terminology, grammar, formatting, or following refined instructions, I embrace the challenge. I’m a believer in the concept of ‘less is more.’ I enjoy sitting down with my coffee and figuring out how to break down complex technical subject matter into a few key concepts that are easy to communicate. This is why I’m so efficient at what I do.

I’m Open Minded

It’s very rare that a problem only has one solution, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. I’m receptive to new ideas as part of the problem solving process. I also pay close attention to detail and am adept at spotting anomalies that indicate new trends.

Most everyday people simply don’t understand the intricacies behind compliance standards, cybersecurity documentation, user manuals, and so on simply because it’s not their expertise.

But many of these people are in a position where they need to understand the key concepts behind these for purposes of or just for expanding their own knowledge.

That’s where I come in. I pick up on the most important points and the supporting evidence to condense entire volumes of data into just a few paragraphs - and while at the same time ensuring that the resulting copy is not too generic so that it’s useless.

If you’re looking for an experienced technical writer who is skilled at processing complex data sets from technical documentation into comprehensible information that your readers can learn from, I’m your gal.

My Experience


I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pretoria.


Cybersecurity Analyst

While employed as a cybersecurity analyst at Cyber Security South Africa (CSSA) in Johannesburg, I was responsible for performing cyber incident tests and analyzing high volumes of threat reports to determine the scope and urgency of cyber threats. This gave me experience and knowledge on how to identify and respond to major threat actors, especially those with regional and transregional focuses. I also analyzed major cyber engineering trends and provided detailed written reports to stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Penetration Testing Specialist

I worked as a penetration testing specialist for CipherWave, where the bulk of my work focused on vulnerability scanning and remediation management. I ensured the company’s vulnerability assessment policies and penetration testing standards were in alignment with CISO compliance requirements.

I further honed my skills as a writer by writing and presenting detailed reports to senior leadership.

Penetration Testing Specialist

Network Security Specialist

As a network security specialist at Axxess, I leveraged tools such as PowerShell and SCCM to perform hardware, software, and workstation configurations. I was the administrator for multi-site LAN/WAN network components. I also responded to emails and IT tickets on a daily basis to maintain high standards of customer service for the company.

Network Security Specialist

Some of my work

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